Technical - IDEN-9000

The IDEN-9000 supports the standard iDEN service frequency in the lower 800Mhz spectrum. We can also provide fine tuning filters to select certain channels.

The unit has built in protection from over amplification, loose connections, incorrect antennas, signal reflection and other issues that can cause the amplifier to saturate. This includes SWR (Standing Wave Radio).

The IDEN-9000 requires at least (2) antennas. One antenna is called the DONOR ANTENNA and used to pick up the cell tower signal. The second antenna is called the FILL ANTENNA and utilized to take the repeated signal and provide to the users. In some cases, a RF combiner is utilized to allow an additional antenna for greater coverage, picking up cell towers in different directions or wider coverage to users.

We utilize positioning of antennas and attenuation control to eliminate this problem. The use of quality antennas like AMP/Antel or Tiltek are suggested. The antennas should be placed around 70 feet (21m) apart from each other. It does not matter if it is vertical or horizontal spacing, but you should allow at least an additional 10ft if horizontal separation is chosen.