General - IDEN-9000

Yes, since the IDEN-9000 only cares about the frequency and not the type of service, it will pass all the iDEN features that are provided to your cell phone.

The unit comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty on the hardware. This includes defective parts. The unit must be sent in for repair depot service. The repair time is 1 day. If it is received in the morning, it will go out repaired the same day.

The IDEN-9000 is a modifed version of the RPT-9000 designed specifically for iDEN cellular service (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network). From up to 50km/30 miles away, the iDEN-9000 takes a cellular signal from a cell tower(s) providing iDEN service and repeats it to a new area with limited or no reception. The iDEN service operates in the lower 800Mhz frequency range.

No, you are not required to notify the cellular carrier, but most installations notify them as a courtesy. They let the cellular carrier know they have adjustable gain which will be adjusted in order not to interfere with the local cell tower. They may also provide contact in case the timing method in the cellular tower needs to be extended for longer distance applications.

Please see the following FCC website for further clarification

In a perfect environment with full support from the cellular service provider utilizing low frequency digital 850 or 900Mhz service it is possible, but the real world applications are typically under a 40Km/25 mile range due to timing issues which normally hand off phones from cell tower to cell tower. Above 40km you will need the support of the cellular service provider to expand this timing on the antenna sector you plan to use. Other factors such as terrain play important roles of the signal arriving in a stable and reliable level.

Please contact your XPANDAcell representative to run a path analysis which determines what distance you can achieve for your application.