Installation - IDEN-9000

Typically the RPT-9000 is mounted at the base of a tower or the shed/housing. This allows the unit to be configured, serviced or maintained with safety and ease. The unit could be mounted at the middle or top of tower if desired since the unit has a hardened, sealed NEMA housing.

Please see the following example of an actual customer RPT-9000 Layout drawing.

Standard "N" Type Female connectors. There are (2) connectors for a standard RPT-9000.

The IDEN-9000 integrated with a FTP-5000 will have one RF connector.

Depending on the required length of the cables, we use 1/2 inch to 2-1/4 Heliax Cable. This provides low loss between the IDEN-9000 and Antennas.

The IDEN-9000 has visual LED indicators that indicate the reception of the cellular signal. Antennas are simply moved in the direction of the cell tower and the LED indicators will guide you. If the LED indicators completely light up, you simply use the attenuation switches to bring the signal down to proper levels.

No, the IDEN-9000 is extremely simple to setup and operate. The unit uses simple toggle switches and LED indicators for installation and maintenance. There are NO interfaces for a computer and NO command line programming involved.