RPT-9000 FAQ

Technical - RPT-9000

The unit currently repeats the most popular cellular frequencies in North America. These are 800(IDEN), 850 and 1900 Mhz (FCC certified). Worldwide frequencies of 900 and 1800 Mhz are currently available, but not FCC certified. The 2100 Mhz frequency is currently in development.

The unit currently shipping repeats the most popular cellular frequency in North America, 850Mhz. The 1900Mhz version will be FCC certified and available in Q4, 2013.  Other frequencies will follow. The 900/1800Mhz international version can be purchased, but will not have FCC certification.

The RPT-9000 requires at least (2) antennas. One antenna is called the DONOR ANTENNA and used to pick up the cell tower signal. The second antenna is called the FILL ANTENNA and utilized to take the repeated signal and provide to the users. In some cases, a RF combiner is utilized to allow an additional antenna for greater coverage, picking up cell towers in different directions or wider coverage to users.

Yes, this model is available now and FCC certified. This supports the 800Mhz Band.
The model is called IDEN-9000.

Yes, the unit only cares about the frequency and not the type of service. In fact, if the cellular towers you are trying to extend are in the same path, you will extend both types of service.

Yes, the RPT-9000 is available in either complete band or selective bandwidth options. This allows you to pass all services/channels or limit just your service and block all others.