FPT-5000 FAQ

Installation - FPT-5000

The FTP-5000 can be mounted indoors or outdoors on a tower. The unit is housed in a hardened, weatherproof NEMA 4 case.

There is also an option to have the FPT-5000 integrated into the RPT-9000. This makes one half of the RPT-9000 the standard RF repeater and the other side would be the FPT-5000 with Fiber output.  By using this configuration in pairs, you can reduce the number of compenents and provide better performance.

On the Basic model, the unit has a Single "N Type" female connector and a single Huber&Suhner E2000 (LSH) single mode angled polished fiber connector. The connector is LC. The unit uses Single Mode 1300nm Fiber and the attached cable must be anlge polished with an LC connector. On the Passive Redundant model, the unit will have an additional fiber connector and "N Type" female connector. The Active redundant model has the same connectors as the Passive model, but includes (2) RJ-45 ethernet ports. All models have a Single AC power cord or optional DC wire cable pair.

The FPT-5000 link requires at least (1) antenna. The opposite link end requires a RF port from either the RPT-9000 or a wireless radio operating under 3Ghz.

No, the FPT-5000 is extremely simple to setup and operate. Depending on the model you choose, additional options are available for internet access, alarms and remote communications.