Extending service beyond a mountain or hill


The RPT-9000 combined with the FPT-5000 can solve cellular reception problems involving hills, canyons, and mountains.


In this example, the cell tower is sitting behind a  hill, canyon, or mountain where a community or neighborhood may reside. A cellular signal may not be present on the community side, but the signal is present behind the hill, canyon, or mountain.


The RPT-9000, when combined with the FPT-5000, will allow conversion of the RPT-9000 RF antenna signal to go over fiber optic cable, up to 10 km and then convert back to RF for re-attachment to a community side antenna providing a fully regenerated cellular signal to local users.

The RPT-9000 Hybrid can also be used in this same application in which the FPT-5000 is integrated into the RPT-9000 chassis.


The RPT-9000 combined with the FPT-5000 can solve cellular reception problems involving hills, canyons and mountains


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