Professional Services:
Cellular Network and Design


XPANDAcell believes that every cellular repeater requirement should be professionally designed and engineered to exact specifications. There are many technical issues that must be considered for a successful installation and reliable cellular service. XPANDAcell has years of experience consulting, designing, and installing carrier-grade cellular repeaters and extenders.

XPANDAcell network design and consulting services for the RPT-9000, iden-9000, idrpt-9000 and fpt-5000


Our Cellular repeater services provide you with the expertise for network analysis, design, and implementation to guarantee peak cellular performance. To help ensure your cellular repeater operates optimally, we offer a comprehensive set of services:


  • Path Analysis: We evaluate your current cellular reception issues and determine where the XPANDAcell repeater is able to solve the problem. We use our in-house software tools to find existing cell towers and a reliable path for the XPANDAcell repeater to regenerate weak cellular signals. We analyze your building or community topography so that the improved cellular signal penetrates and covers the desired areas.

  • Cellular Repeater Design: We provide you with a blueprint to successfully deploy a new cellular repeater network. Our comprehensive design ensures that the system will perform to exact specifications and provide cellular service of equal reliability to a cell tower.

  • Installation: We provide the final step with personalized and professional installation services to match our comprehensive design.


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