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  • What is the IDEN-9000?
  • Will the IDEN-9000 repeat cellular data services?
  • Can you support tunnels and caves?
  • What is the warranty of the IDEN-9000?
  • Can the FPT-5000 be integrated into the IDEN-9000?
  • Can the IDEN-9000 really support distances up to 60Km/37 miles?
  • Does the Cellular Carrier have to be notified when using the iDEN-9000?


  • What frequency does the IDEN-9000 repeat?
  • How many antennas does the IDEN-9000 require?
  • Can the IDEN-9000 pass CDMA, GSM, 3G or 4G at the same time?
  • Is there protection for the IDEN-9000 Amplifier?
  • How do stop oscillation and feedback in the IDEN-9000?


  • What type of power does the IDEN-9000 use?
  • Can the IDEN-9000 use a Solar Power system?


  • What temperatures can the IDEN-9000 support?



  • Does the IDEN-9000 have complicated programming and setup?
  • How do I align the Antennas on the IDEN-9000 when the cell tower is far away?
  • What type of cabling is used from the IDEN-9000 to the Antennas?
  • Where is the IDEN-9000 mounted?
  • What type of RF Connectors are used on the IDEN-9000?