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  • What is the IDRPT-9000?
  • Can the FPT-5000 be integrated into the IDRPT-9000?
  • What makes the IDRPT-9000 different from other cellular repeaters ?
  • What is the warranty of the IDRPT-9000?
  • Does the IDRPT-9000 have complicated programming and setup?
  • Will the IDRPT-9000 repeat cellular data services?
  • Does the Cellular Carrier have to be notified when using the IDRPT-9000?


  • What is the RF power output of the IDRPT-9000?
  • Is there protection for the IDRPT-9000 Amplifier?
  • How do stop or prevent oscillation and feedback in the IDRPT-9000?
  • Do you offer the IDRPT-9000 in dual frequency or multiband?
  • What frequency does the RPT-9000 repeat?
  • What type of cellular service can the IDRPT-9000 repeat and extend?


  • What type of power does the IDRPT-9000 use?


  • What is the physical size of the IDRPT-9000?
  • What temperatures can the IDRPT-9000 support?


  • Where can the IDRPT-9000 be mounted?


  • Can the IDRPT-9000 be configured to email me with alerts or problems?
  • Can I access the IDRPT-9000 remotely and check the health of the unit?