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IDRPT-9000 Indoor Cellular Repeater


The IDRPT-9000 is a carrier class indoor cellular extender and repeater for CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G and AMPs with advanced remote management.


The IDRPT-9000 is a carrier class indoor cellular extender and repeater for CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G* and AMPs with advanced remote management. The unit can expand cellular coverage inside a building, warehouse or structure. Distances of up to 40Km/25 miles** can be obtained. Web based configuration, monitoring and email alerts.


Typical applications include improving cellular reception inside a building, warehouse or any interior structure with limited or non existent cellular reception.





  • Extends GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G* or AMPS cellular service from existing cell towers up to 40Km/25 miles**
  • Extends cellular Voice and Data services
  • Saves money over FEMTO and PICO cells which have recurring monthly costs.
  • Allows buildings and structures with weak or dead spot signals to have full cellular service
  • Provides hard to reach service in hospitals, medical centers and governmental buildings 
  • Simple and rapid deployment
  • No programming knowledge required - Web Based GUI capability 
  • Separate amplifiers and up/downlink IF boards for reliability and modular design
  • Supports standard 850MHz cellular service. FCC certified.
  • Hardened IP67 aluminum enclosure with stainless steels bolts and O-ring sealed enclosure cover 
  • AC 90-230vac power supply
  • Low power requirements - 50 watts
  • Extreme temperature capability / -30 to +60 Celsius
  • Overall system gain of 70db with digital auto power control (does not include antenna gain)
  • Power output - +27dBm two tone
  • Power Amplification, SWR and smart oscillation protection
  • Simple visual LED indicators
  • Attenuation control via software
  • Advanced web based interface for programming, monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Email alerts
  • 2 Year Warranty

Further Product Information


Long distance, Bidirectional link
The IDRPT-9000 extends cellular service up to 40Km/25 miles with complete bidirectional service. This allows for full voice and data applications with no restrictions on the services you are accustomed to. If your cellular phone supports Internet, email or SMS you will receive the same service over the repeater.

Extend multiple cellular providers
When extending cellular service with IDRPT-9000, the capability to repeat more than one cellular provider is possible. If the cellular towers for multiple providers are in the range of the Pickup (donor) antenna, those services will be repeated since the IDRPT-9000 is agnostic to the provider and repeats everything in the designated frequency. Since the cellular frequency is licensed and owned only by the cellular providers, you receive their services and nothing else. In addition there are antenna options for cell towers that are not in the same location.

The alternative to Satellite, Wi-Fi and Phone lines
Providing emergency voice services to rural, underground or hard to reach places can be a challenge. A popular choice is satellite which can be effective in certain applications except for the high cost, complex technical equipmentand restrictions not inherent in cellular services. With cellular services, the complex technology is hidden, you only require the cellular signal. The IDRPT-9000 regenerates a clear and strong signal.

The use of Wi-Fi has many limitations including distance. Traditional phone lines will not solve the problem since they are fixed and not mobile. The same is true for traditional microwave and ISM solutions. The obvious choice is to extend cellular service and maintain all the features.

Let the IDRPT-9000 be your inside cellular repeater and extender solution. Call or email your XPANDAcell representative today.
* 4G under development
** Distance is dependent on cellular tower timing and terrain

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